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Andrea King Collier writes health and medicine, health policy, and health disparities. She also writes features that highlight civic and cultural engagement. In addition she writes about food, family.

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Essay: We Can't 'Feel No Ways Tired' - NBC News

Essay: We Can't 'Feel No Ways Tired' - NBC News

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Newly Insured? 8 Things to Know About the Affordable Care Act - NBC News

You've signed up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act. So what are the first things to do you do when you get that card in the mail?...

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7 Must Have Cookbooks for a Southern Kitchen

Looking for the perfect recipe for Thanksgiving dressing? Looking for a new addition to your family's holiday must haves? Your timing is right....

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Editorial: Will the Real Bill Cosby Please Speak Up?

When 78-year-old Bill Cosby walked into a Pennsylvania courthouse for his arraignment, he didn't look like the quick-witted, avuncular Dr. Huxtable th...

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Nothing Says Summer Like a Good Book

Nothing says summer like curling up on the porch or the beach like a good read. There are plenty of new books by black authors, and great ones you mig...

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Denene Millner Makes Her Imprint on Books for Black Children

"I have always wanted to write books for black children that were outside of the civil rights or slave narratives."...

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#GuessImWithHer: Will Black Women Voters Just Fall in Formation?

History says Democrats get more than 90 percent of the black vote in presidential elections. Yet there may be a real disconnect this election....

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My Sister's Keeper Helps HBCU Women Find Their Voices

When you hear the words reproductive justice, combined with college campus, you might think it is a move to make affordable birth control and abortion services available....

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Analysis: Can Policy Move the Needle in Health Equity For People of Color?

Does policy really move the needle in improving health outcomes for people of color?...

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Editorial: Let's Admit Bill Cosby's Secrets Were In Plain Sight

Black people and their celebrities are a funny combo. They have to really do something that we can't look away from to make us go in hard on them....